TylerTyler Osborne – Founder, ToZ Productions
Email: ToZ4362@gmail.com or Tyler@TozProductions.com
Twitter: @tozborne

Tyler is an independent filmmaker and audio engineer who specializes in creating quality, interesting projects for not just himself, but also a wide range of clientele. May it be short films, music videos, advertisements, or corporate clients, Tyler is deeply in love with the process of creation, from the pre-production stages, to shooting on location, all the way through editing in post. While only 22 years old, Tyler has been working in the professional world of video for three and a half years now, helping to build a video department at his first job with DC-based public public affairs firm VOX Global, to now, where he works full time as a Junior Video Editor with different organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and other high profile clients at Qorvis Communications. Tyler has worked on feature length films as a colorist, visual effects artist, and assistant editor. Tyler also has been honing his craft as an audio engineer as well for the past few years, where he specializes in cleaning and enhancing sound for film and video.

In terms of the more technical side of things, Tyler is well versed with a variety of cameras, may it be the Canon XF100 or a wide-range of DSLR’s. On top of that, Tyler is a seasoned editor, excelling in the usage of Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, as well as the audio industry standard Avid Pro Tools. However it’s Tyler’s ability to adapt to any sort of new piece of equipment, may it be software, or hardware, that helps to drive Tyler to the next level .

In his spare time, Tyler creates short films of his own, as well as working with bands and artists to create dynamic music videos that they can use to not only promote their band, but also promote Tyler’s video work as well.

Tyler has also been a part of Under the Gun Review for the past two years, an entertainment website owned by Spin Media, where he has brought his writing, photography and film talents to the table. Shooting a variety of live sets, as well as acoustic videos, Tyler has most recently become the Head of Videography at Under the Gun, where helps to manage video content and setting up exclusives with bands and artists for the site. Integrating his love of both music and film, Tyler works with some of the best in the indie music scene to create high quality projects for both the artists, as well as their fans.

On a more personal level, Tyler has a genuine love for the cinema, which is where you can find him very frequently. Tyler also will always take any opportunity to see a good punk show, and is the kind of person who will bring a unique perspective to the table. Tyler has a drive and passion that pushes him to not only create the best possible product for his clients, but also, constantly innovate the way he works so he can continuously grow as a filmmaker and engineer. Tyler would appreciate the chance to share his work with you and discuss how he can help you create something remarkable – like a video or short film that brings you, and your brand, to life.
Specialties: Video Production, Audio Production, Editing, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, Photoshop, music videos, short films, sound, editing