Tyler is a professional video editor with over 6 years of experience, and has worked on a variety of projects, for clients such as Discovery, TLC, BET, Cisco, and the country of Mexico. He has extensive experience cutting both short and long-form content, for both broadcast and digital platforms.

Currently, Tyler works for Discovery Communication’s where he is a staff editor and assistant editor. He’s worked as lead editor on a variety of digital projects such as social media videos for the Puppy Bowl, as well as an eight episode after show for Tyler Perry’s show Too Close to Home on TLC. In addition, Tyler has also worked on Shark Week Specials as both an assistant editor, as well as creating 360 videos for digital content. Usually juggling multiple projects at once, Tyler is known for being detailed, having a creative eye, and getting the job done efficiently. Tyler has experience working for different types of post-production teams, having worked for an international public-relations agency Qorvis MSLGroup as a staff editor and videographer, as well as for the broadcast TV-house Sirens Media as an assistant editor. Tyler has worked on feature length films as a colorist, visual effects artist, and assistant editor. Tyler also has been honing his craft as an audio engineer as well for the past few years, where he specializes in cleaning and enhancing sound for film and video.

Tyler has extensive experience working with most professional editing systems, may it be Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro X. His experience allows him to hit the ground running depending on the specific needs of the project. He is also very capable at using After Effects and Photoshop to streamline his edits, so that he can do full roundtrip workflows. Tyler is meticulously organized, so that he can collaborate with any team or editor quickly and efficiently.

On a more personal level, Tyler has a genuine love for the cinema, which is where you can frequently find him. Tyler also always takes any opportunity to see a good basement punk show or check out cool new DC music venues. When not searching for new music or movies, he greatly enjoys exploring local hiking trails and visiting thrift shops hunting for vintage cameras. Tyler’s personal interests help to drive his creativity and spark the passion that pushes him to not only create the best possible product for his clients, but also, constantly innovate the way he works so he can continuously grow as a filmmaker and engineer.

Tyler Osborne – Editor, Cinematographer
Email: toz4362@gmail.com
Twitter: @tozborne